Put Up Your Cuffs

I see a lot of cuffing of jeans right now - single cuffs, multiple cuffs, skinny, wide, & high cuffs. Even cinched or pegged like I did in high school. So what is up with the cuffs now?

Cuffing started out of necessity, but then became an ever evolving trend... to look stylish with little effort.

The Ankle-Baring Cuff of a slimmer pair of jean is effortless with ballerina flats or slides; maybe even higher than normal for that summer flare. OR with boots (NOT cowboy boots) during the winter months to add detail the top of your boot, tucked in or out. The Low Cuff of your straight or wide leg denim will complement the casual style of sneakers and other laced footwear. This is a no-nonsense, casual look that works perfectly with your slower paced, “Boho-Chic” kind of day. The 80’s have cycled back around with that Pegged or Tight-Rolled Cuff. Try them with heels, gladiator sandals & slides for a cool edgy, downtown look. CAUTION: if you did it the first time around... don't do it again. With a dark pair of indigo jeans the Skinny Cuff is carefree, clean & classic. For that Could Careless Cuff, fold your jeans up only once to show the selvage and leave it at that. Choose the best height cuff for your mood & shoes of choice-- heels can either get a super high, ankle-baring cuff, or a medium-height one that teases the heel from underneath.

Avoid cuffing cargo jeans (really you shouldn’t be wearing those anyway.) Fussy or overly embellished shoes with the cuffed look can be hazardous. Do not tie strappy sandals over the cuffs of your denim, it looks over worked & sloppy... no matter who does it. Also, some denim-cuff combinations can give you an over all shorter appearance. If this haunts you simply avoid cuffing that particular pair of denim & have them tailored properly.

Good luck & put up your cuffs.