Inviting Change?

Do you want change in your life? Have you invited it?

First off, I am NO Life Coach; just a friend sharing the benefits & errors of my personal experiences.

So consider and answer for yourself; why do you want or need change? Do you know what that change is? What is your ultimate goal? You may or may not have the answers, but that is OK, by asking those questions you are inviting the winds your direction.

Maybe you don't know you need change; I didn't, at least conscientiously. Step off the normal path of things, such as saying YES instead of NO; or WHY NOT? I created the necessary shifts in my normal routine to see & realize the opportunities that I could grasp if I choose to. IT IS A CHOICE. (It should go without saying... but I am saying it anyway, I am not talking about anything that may be damaging to your mind, body or soul.)

Bikram became my invitation; but for you it could be writing, hiking, running a marathon, church or simple meditation. The common thread is the commitment to do something out of the ordinary for yourself. The accomplishment will become the new foundation for the next steps in your life.