Do you want to be on top? ANTM #15

April 10th UPDATE: Stephanie from Collins College did NOT follow through & let Campus Staff or Security know that I was being allowed to interview the models in line, in return for my blogging, facebooking & tweeting prior to the event . Over 213 contestants had gone through the audition process; I was only able to interview a handful, before I was ejected from the property. I am truly disappointed in the miscommunication & lack of follow through from Collins College. HOWEVER, I wish ALL the local AZ Talent the BEST OF LUCK!!!

As many of you know I received an email from a representative from Collins College, Phoenix, AZ asking me to partner with them...

"...thought it would be great to partner with you in order to spread the word throughout the region about the upcoming auditions via your blog. Wouldn’t it be crazy if America’s Next Top Model came from the Phoenix area, or better yet, if she was one of your blog readers?!"

Did I have to think twice about that? NO! So I am putting it out to all my model friends on Facebook & Twitter... I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!!

April 10, 2010~
America's Next Top Model auditions to be held at Collins College

Audition for the national television show and see if your modeling dreams can come true Saturday, April 10 between 8am and 4pm at Collins College. Collins is located in Phoenix, AZ and offers a Fashion Design and Merchandising degree, as well as several other technology and design degrees.

For more information on America's Next Top Model Auditions being held this weekend, please visit the
Collins College website.

UPDATE; Looks like I can hang out with the AZ Model Contestants in line! WOOP WOOP!!! See you there!!!!


  1. Comment by Je Ne Sais Quoi on April 7, 2010 at 5:54 AM  

    Congrats!! This is wonderful for you :)

  2. Comment by Anonymous on April 7, 2010 at 6:03 AM  

    ha, would love to audition but i guess i am lacking of height unfortunately, hehe! ;) love that show! just watching the new season on the net!

    great find your blog...through @SHOPJNSQ! me just starting out with blogger!

    dearest greets from Berlin!

    just added you to my twitter! ♡

    styling & photography is my passion for fashion!