Call to Action

I received this email from a high school friend who lives in San Diego, CA. I cannot pretend to know the anguish & loss that this family is feeling; I can only imagine… a childhood friend of mine was kidnapped on his way home from school one afternoon. He managed to escape. The trauma, for him, has since faded as he has grown and is now raising his own family. Amber was not so lucky.

This was on the local San Diego station this morning.
For those of you from outside San Diego….Amber Dubois
was abducted over a year ago, but her body just found
recently after the bastard who killed her admitted to
killing another young girl, Chelsea King, in our area.

In an effort to support the family, there is a campaign
to send Amber’s sister Allison b-day cards and well-wishes,
just to make her day a little brighter. The info is below…
so please, take 3 minutes and send her a card.



Please take a minute & reach into your heart and embrace Allison, let her know she is loved. A campaign to get as many birthday cards as possible to Amber Dubois' little sister Allison is underway. She is turning seven on May 6th. Cards can be mailed to: Allison Cave, 1101 W. San Marcos Blvd., San Marcos, CA 92078

Thank you!