Inviting Commitment

Just a consideration...

"The irony of commitment is that it's deeply liberating -- in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around like rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life." Anne Morris

Can we get out of our own way? Can we turn off the hesitation? Will we choose to be liberated?

Call to Action

I received this email from a high school friend who lives in San Diego, CA. I cannot pretend to know the anguish & loss that this family is feeling; I can only imagine… a childhood friend of mine was kidnapped on his way home from school one afternoon. He managed to escape. The trauma, for him, has since faded as he has grown and is now raising his own family. Amber was not so lucky.

This was on the local San Diego station this morning.
For those of you from outside San Diego….Amber Dubois
was abducted over a year ago, but her body just found
recently after the bastard who killed her admitted to
killing another young girl, Chelsea King, in our area.

In an effort to support the family, there is a campaign
to send Amber’s sister Allison b-day cards and well-wishes,
just to make her day a little brighter. The info is below…
so please, take 3 minutes and send her a card.



Please take a minute & reach into your heart and embrace Allison, let her know she is loved. A campaign to get as many birthday cards as possible to Amber Dubois' little sister Allison is underway. She is turning seven on May 6th. Cards can be mailed to: Allison Cave, 1101 W. San Marcos Blvd., San Marcos, CA 92078

Thank you!

Inviting Change?

Do you want change in your life? Have you invited it?

First off, I am NO Life Coach; just a friend sharing the benefits & errors of my personal experiences.

So consider and answer for yourself; why do you want or need change? Do you know what that change is? What is your ultimate goal? You may or may not have the answers, but that is OK, by asking those questions you are inviting the winds your direction.

Maybe you don't know you need change; I didn't, at least conscientiously. Step off the normal path of things, such as saying YES instead of NO; or WHY NOT? I created the necessary shifts in my normal routine to see & realize the opportunities that I could grasp if I choose to. IT IS A CHOICE. (It should go without saying... but I am saying it anyway, I am not talking about anything that may be damaging to your mind, body or soul.)

Bikram became my invitation; but for you it could be writing, hiking, running a marathon, church or simple meditation. The common thread is the commitment to do something out of the ordinary for yourself. The accomplishment will become the new foundation for the next steps in your life.

Re-Shaping Your Image

So a friend emailed me, sounding in a bit of a panic. “Robert, I have an event to go to this weekend; I am loosing weight & I am in between sizes. I swim in one size, but JUST fit in the size I am slimming down to. What do I do?”

The first words typed by my fingers Shapewear— undergarments that control and smooth figure problems like Body Perfect by Donna Karen, Spanx by Sara Blakely and there are many others. You have seen stars on the red carpet wearing them, whether you realized it or not; Rihanna & Lady Gaga dawning the foundations on the outside, remember Madonna did it too; and the glamorizing of girdles of the Fifties by Mad Men. Whatever shape you are, the shapewear works by shoring up the excess in areas that you should not have any, and reshaping the buttocks, thigh & mid-section. Unfortunately it is not permanent, it only works when you wear them.

New innovation and technology have also caused a resurgence. Heat-sealed applications and laser-cut treatments as well as lightweight microfiber blends with Lycra spandex, Modal, Meryl; organic blends such as bamboo with cotton; antibacterial and moisture-repellent applications have made the garments lighter, more comfortable and a must have.

WWD reports “annual retail sales of shapewear grew 10.6 percent to $848.3 million from March 2009 to February 2010, and unit sales increased 3.8 percent during that period, according to The NPD Group research consultancy. A leading area of growth was plus sizes of XL to XXXL or larger, with sales gains of 14.8 percent last year.”

I received a follow up email from my friend “… I cannot believe how well these work, it sucked me into my next smaller size.”

These shaping foundations are affordable and should be in every woman’s arsenal. Boost your butt & boost your confidence. Pick yours up at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s & even Target. #DKNY #SPANX

Instructional Technologies

I gave a short presentation to a group of Fashion Students at Metro Tech High School in Phoenix, AZ. The Phoenix Union High School District has been making news for all the right reasons. Performing schools, excelling students, outstanding teachers, innovative programs, improving trends, growing enrollment and a construction wave of new and rebuilt schools are all part of Phoenix Union's success story.

The Fashion Students are educated on as many points of the industry as possible; in my case “What is a Wardrobe Stylist.” I wish they had something like this when I was in high school in addition to Home Economics & P.E. LOL!

There were over 30 students in the morning class; I was amazed how eager they were & they were taking notes too. I think I appreciated most of all the questions…. “What is a clip” to “Why would an individual need a Personal Stylist?”

I received the following email from the teacher~ “Thank you so much for speaking to our students. You were such an inspiration to them. Many of them commented about how great it was to have you as a speaker. You did such an awesome job of presenting your styling business to the students.”

Kids now days (I can say that right?) need to be introduced to not only the corporate way of life, but freelancing and vocational elements that spark their creativity & helps them discover their own gifts & passions. I really am looking forward to speaking to the afternoon class.

So please support your local schools that have adopted instructional technologies to the classroom, you will see the difference.

Do you want to be on top? ANTM #15

April 10th UPDATE: Stephanie from Collins College did NOT follow through & let Campus Staff or Security know that I was being allowed to interview the models in line, in return for my blogging, facebooking & tweeting prior to the event . Over 213 contestants had gone through the audition process; I was only able to interview a handful, before I was ejected from the property. I am truly disappointed in the miscommunication & lack of follow through from Collins College. HOWEVER, I wish ALL the local AZ Talent the BEST OF LUCK!!!

As many of you know I received an email from a representative from Collins College, Phoenix, AZ asking me to partner with them...

"...thought it would be great to partner with you in order to spread the word throughout the region about the upcoming auditions via your blog. Wouldn’t it be crazy if America’s Next Top Model came from the Phoenix area, or better yet, if she was one of your blog readers?!"

Did I have to think twice about that? NO! So I am putting it out to all my model friends on Facebook & Twitter... I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!!

April 10, 2010~
America's Next Top Model auditions to be held at Collins College

Audition for the national television show and see if your modeling dreams can come true Saturday, April 10 between 8am and 4pm at Collins College. Collins is located in Phoenix, AZ and offers a Fashion Design and Merchandising degree, as well as several other technology and design degrees.

For more information on America's Next Top Model Auditions being held this weekend, please visit the
Collins College website.

UPDATE; Looks like I can hang out with the AZ Model Contestants in line! WOOP WOOP!!! See you there!!!!


Je Ne Sais Quoi

I have made some lovely new friends in Paris & I want to introduce them to you!!

No, I have not been recently, but through the MAGIC of TWITTER we have, I feel, become good friends in an abbreviated period. After many fleeting TWEETS, “Je Ne Sais Quoi” reached out to me to take a personal look at some new arrivals in their global boutique.

Launched at the end of 2008, Je Ne Sais Quoi “To Make Unique”, is a Paris based multi-brand online boutique that specializes in a fashion-forward selection of niche brands & emerging designers from around the world. Combining edgy but elegant accessories that add a touch of originality to an assortment of ready-to-wear. Also selected lifestyle goods for women & men, which will be more complete this fall; shopped to fit seamlessly into your style.

Whether the purchase is intended as a gift or as a personal treat (I recommend a personal treat every now & again) JNSQ knows that one of the primary pleasures of buying a luxury item is discovering its packaging. Your gift will arrive wrapped in silk tissue paper or in a linen pouch, placed in a crisp, white shopping bag and secured by an organza ribbon. We deserve luxury service & personalized attention.

We all deserve a little “Je Ne Sais Quoi”… that is not a question, but a statement.

Featured Friday Article

“Up-cycling” by The Style Coach

I recently came across another awesome website – this one for handbags. It’s called reMade USA and they are based in San Francisco. All of their bags are chic, cool and very affordable. Most important, though, is that they are all made from recycled (or up-cycled”!) leather. So beautiful! Each bag is custom-made and one-of-a-kind with many styles to choose from. In fact, you can even donate your own old leather jacket – you know, the one that you just don’t/can’t wear anymore but it costs too many bucks to toss. Send it to them and you will even receive $20 off the cost of the bag. You can call or email them with any questions you have.

You can also buy the bags at Barneys CO-OP stores, but frankly, I’d rather work with the designer to perfect my unique bag!

There’s SO much info, I can’t do it justice so please check it out for yourself. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

I already have plans for one of my husband’s old jackets. Now if I can just figure out how to get it out of his closet without him noticing….

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