It is a revolution. The OLD fashion rules are changing. For instance… “long hems are for evening…” or “… white is only for summer.” Not anymore. Fashion is about your shape, your mood… your personal style.

Let’s build you up...

  • Do you have an important presentation? Take the tired pant suite... lets wake it up. Wear a longer, more fluid skirt or pant. Lean, lanky whites command respect. A contrasting sandal wedge gives you the forward thinking edge in the room.
  • Impress your new boss with a professional & detailed look of a button-up, mixed with a longer, small symmetrical print skirt, revealing a little personality.
  • If you are on the petite side, try a little red dress, in the new trendy tiered silhouette; it can give you the illusion of legs that don't quit. Need to “office it up?” Add a soft cotton or silk jersey blazer.
  • How about something a little “artfully romantic?” Full cotton ruffled skirt paired with an unexpected “zoomy” top in textured organza or silk. Interest is the key; look like someone everyone needs to know.
  • Feathers are BIG BIG BIG. Flaunt your plumage with a short hemmed skirt; this won’t overwhelm your petite frame. Add tights & wedge booties for those cooler nights.
  • Take a longer tiered skirt, paired with a structured cotton sateen jacket; keeping the volume contained, as to not overwhelm your slight frame. Add some great platforms to underscore your confidence. This is especially nice for you of taller stature.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix & layer opaques with transparents; flirty but not reveling is key. Don’t want to invite the wrong attention.

Think beyond the rules… it is more about pushing your limits & highlighting your personality & style. Fashion should be fun… not frightening.