Out & About in New York City

This visit was equally exciting as the last.

Qi | Asian Eatery
Taoist Macrobiotics & Hindu Ayurveda gastronomical philosophy inspired cuisine, the belief that the quality of food can contribute to our health, well-being & happiness. I personally believe this is absolutely the truth, even if I do not practice it 100%. Think about it, why would it not contribute to the vitality & longevity in the modern world? Not only was it pleasing to the palette, the elegant presentation enhanced the already hip atmosphere & the moderate lunch price point will give you the much needed holistic experience.

DOMA Café & Gallery

I was walking back from my appointment with Elisa Palomino & thought I would give it a try. Cozy, not overly crowded, book filled café. My velvety smooth late was D-LISH, paired with the house made granola square, soft with pleasing bursts of fruit. If you get a chance it is an ideal reading spot or people watching and mingling with the local color.

Joe the Art of Coffee

Another incredible & visually stimulating with fabulous quality espresso, at five boutique-coffee locations. Most recently featured in Time Out NY & Huffington Post. I sat my stylish-self down at the one near Parsons, The New School for Design. Joe In addition to espresso-based drinks, a single-cup, drip-coffee bar dispenses a rotating selection of brews, while baked goods from native New York companies like Ceci-Cela & Donut Plant provide just the kind of breakfast this coffee addict needed. And for real bean aficionados, Joe offers classes, such as coffee's history, while sampling some fresh seasonal brews at Coffee 101. Sign me up!!

This downtown chic restaurant features exotic flavors of modern Asian cuisine with creativity, drama & impeccable service. The dishes come out as they are prepared, so the experience is family style. The concept is very communal & harmonious. There were so many items on the menu I want to try, I definitely will be going back.

The Jazz Standard
An extraordinary lineup of world-class artists, warm hospitality & pitch-perfect sound. From classic jazz to funk, R&B, blues & more. I had the privilege of experiencing Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society. The freshest, outside the box of big band ideals. Paired with the menu from Blue Smoke Barbecue, and if you know me... you know I LOVES my BBQ. #NYC #FOODIE #JAZZ