Fur & Fur Alike

Fur conjures controversy world wide, but there is no doubt it makes a statement. Chanel made a splash in “fantasy fur” (sounds more magical than faux… right?) Karl Lagerfeld delivered an over the top “Polar” collection. Other designers have incorporated fur into their Fall Winter 2010 collections as well. Viktor & Rolf, Yves Saint Laurent & John Galliano to name a few.

So what is in your closet? Is it a real “live” fur or “fantasy” fur? Either way, if this piece is just slumbering in the back of your closet, wake it up!!! You may not feel comfortable wearing a full on fur or fur like coat; but would you wear is it as a sash, or utility belt? Maybe update a military like jacket, by adding pieces to the collar or cuffs. Even a military styled cap; add a fur band or cover the bill. OR take a measured swath & add leather ties to create a cuff for you wrist or a longer piece for a belt.

Are the wheels turning? Have your tailor help you so it looks quality. Let the fur fly. #PFW