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Balancing Your Energy to Achieve Higher Self-esteem

Feb. 8, 2010

Individuals who have well-developed masculine "take charge" energy alongside an abundance of reflective feminine energy will have higher self-esteem. Their good Gender Physics will allow them to be both assertive and empathetic, improving their performance and ultimately their good feelings about themselves.

Imagine a manager who has to fire someone but can do it with sensitivity. Or a single parent who lovingly institutes a strict curfew. Then consider a child who daringly rescues, then cares for a stranded bird. Or a business owner who admits mistakes and rectifies a problem with consumers. These would be examples of people with good Gender Physics - they are blending the complimentary masculine and feminine energies. They easily take the action masculine energy demands but they do it using the important people skills that feminine energy provides.

Self-esteem comes from being confident in one's ability to achieve success both socially and at mastering tasks. And those who can navigate the bumpy road of firing an employee with sensitivity, saving and nurturing a fledgling bird, keeping peace with a teenager around curfews or with rectifying problems with customers will feel that they have accomplished something of which they can be proud. They use both energies with ease, seeing no downside to either one. As a result they have more success which ultimately increases their self-esteem.

I observed this in a board member in my working career. This woman wasn't afraid to ask tough questions and she stood up for herself if she felt the guys were getting priority or leaving her out but she was a good listener and coach. She wasn't turf conscious and would send management complimentary emails following an important presentation and decision. She had a quiet confidence that comes from balanced energy and good self-esteem.

Which energy do you need to improve your self-esteem? If you have any stories I would love to hear them.

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