Fashion in Mourning

Lee Alexander McQueen.,. who would later find fame as fashion visionary was born on 17 March 1969 in London. Surprisingly, the boy destined to be a True Master in high couture and style was fathered by a polyester clad London cabbie. By the time he was sixteen, McQueen had decided to devote himself entirely to fashion. He dropped out of school and took an apprenticeship at the Savile Row tailors ‘Anderson and Shepherd’. This experience gave him the opportunity to sharpen his technical clothes making skills and tailoring, skills for which he is famed today. Top British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, dressed stars from Sarah Jessica Parker to Rihanna to Nicole Kidman in bold shapes and colors, was found dead in his home on Green Street, in London today.

I, like thousands others in the TWITTER world, followed @McQueenWorld & hung on every word he TWEETED. He let us know when he suffered the loss of his mother on February 2nd, 2010. A loss I cannot imagine & hopefully will not have to experience a long while yet.

I have not met this man, I now know that the surreal possibility of meeting Alexander McQueen will never happen. …

Lee Alexander McQueen
Peace be with you
February 11, 2010