Shanghai Tang Spring Summer 2010

Shanghai Tang Spring Summer 2010
During the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, on 600 Madison Ave, Shanghai Tang hosted an open house, a celebration of the Chinese New Year, debuting the Spring Summer 2010 Collection, "Love Restraint."

A sensual artistic collection that embraces the euphoria of love with a sense of restraint & creative defiance.
Majestic mountains, bold optical art of the 60s in Hong Kong and patterns of Peranakan ceramics. With modern & distinctive sensibilities, reflecting the Chinese culture & the value of restraint, resulting in a harmonious blend of diverse inspiration.

The materials were lavish, almost liquid... the velvet hand ran through my fingers. The silks shimmered & the Linens soft in structure. I especially enjoyed the men's suite, all Mandarin in style. It is nice not to have to wear a tie everyday. Mandarin collared suites give you this opportunity... of course you could tie on a scarf or cravat & look very dashing.

Malan Breton Fall Winter 2010

Style 360 ~ Malan Breton Fall Winter 2010

The runway event was a Style 360 venue. The performances were great & created an invitation for each collection. I Sat behind
Alex McCord of The Real Housewives of New York,
I don't watch it... anyhoo. Over all the collection was good. As a stylist, I noticed lots of details that were not cleaned up before the models came down the runway; such as long threads, creasing in the wrong places etc... I know I am way to anal retentive.

Here is a brief bio of Malan Breton. Born June 16, 1973, the designer and creative director of Malan Breton Collection. Breton was born in Taipei, Taiwan and currently resides in New York City. He has been designing since the age of 11. Malan Breton was a contestant on the third season of the reality television program Project Runway biography. Breton has interviewed designers like John Bartlett, Max Azria of BCBG, Luca Orlandi of Luca Luca, and others when hosting video & editorial columns for La'g Magazine


Featured Friday Article

Balancing Your Energy to Achieve Higher Self-esteem

Feb. 8, 2010

Individuals who have well-developed masculine "take charge" energy alongside an abundance of reflective feminine energy will have higher self-esteem. Their good Gender Physics will allow them to be both assertive and empathetic, improving their performance and ultimately their good feelings about themselves.

Imagine a manager who has to fire someone but can do it with sensitivity. Or a single parent who lovingly institutes a strict curfew. Then consider a child who daringly rescues, then cares for a stranded bird. Or a business owner who admits mistakes and rectifies a problem with consumers. These would be examples of people with good Gender Physics - they are blending the complimentary masculine and feminine energies. They easily take the action masculine energy demands but they do it using the important people skills that feminine energy provides.

Self-esteem comes from being confident in one's ability to achieve success both socially and at mastering tasks. And those who can navigate the bumpy road of firing an employee with sensitivity, saving and nurturing a fledgling bird, keeping peace with a teenager around curfews or with rectifying problems with customers will feel that they have accomplished something of which they can be proud. They use both energies with ease, seeing no downside to either one. As a result they have more success which ultimately increases their self-esteem.

I observed this in a board member in my working career. This woman wasn't afraid to ask tough questions and she stood up for herself if she felt the guys were getting priority or leaving her out but she was a good listener and coach. She wasn't turf conscious and would send management complimentary emails following an important presentation and decision. She had a quiet confidence that comes from balanced energy and good self-esteem.

Which energy do you need to improve your self-esteem? If you have any stories I would love to hear them.

Read more by The Stilletto Chick

Out & About in New York City

I so enjoyed this last trip to New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I wanted to share some new favorites with you.

Intimate Boutique Hotel

As the newest addition to the Chelsea Flower District, Hotel Indigo New York City-Chelsea is surrounded by rows of compelling art galleries, the best in fine dining and nightlife, renowned theatre, and chic boutiques, creating the ideal setting for a refined and relaxing New York travel experience. The rooms are a perfect size & the service & hotel staff could not be nicer.

Meat Fest

DBGB Kitchen & Bar is Chef Daniel Boulard’s new lowdown downtown place where French brasserie meets American tavern. 14 varieties of house-made sausages, mouth watering burgers & shellfish plates. Wash them down with fantastic crafted beers, 22 to be exact. Don’t forget the decadent desserts… SERIOUSLY!!!

Great Greek

As soon as you walk through the doors of Avra Estiatorio, you are transported to an authentic & cozy Villa in Greece. The freshest selections from land & sea. I would recommend ordering a selection of Mezedes & wine with your friends & share. I actually loved the “Octapodi.”

Live Music & Dining

In a newly restored 18th century brownstone, the Black Duck Bar & Restaurant takes it’s name from the rum running boat know for it’s involvement in an incident that ended prohibition in the 1920s. Live jazz & cabaret music on the weekends & James Bond films on Sundays. The staff was fantastic & the food was great.

See & Be Seen

The secret of Cipriani isn't about what can be seen or touched, but what can be felt and sensed. The original, Harry’s Bar, a 1931 dream was established in Venice. A vision of simple luxury came to touch the souls of people all over the world. My experience of Cipriani Downtown was like no other; true service and devotion. You are not rushed off, no matter how crazy crowded it gets. Tantalizing people watching too… dinner & show.

*All places visited were paid for out of my own pocket.

Japan Fashion Week Organization ~ Preview Fall Winter 2010

Japan Fashion Week Organization ~ Preview Fall Winter 2010

The idea of this US preview in New York, is to introduce & strengthen Tokyo’s function as a hub for fashion & business. In addition JFW in Tokyo strengthens ties between the “creativity” of designers, “craftsmanship” of manufacturers and “trading” of the apparel & retail industry. JFW in Tokyo 3rd intent is to strengthen emerging designers, while working to heighten the appeal of the city of Tokyo.

Suzanne Day, buyer & stylist, with renowned taste in apparel selection & I attended the event. The venue at 82 Mercer, was perfect for featuring 8 Japan based designers, including Aptform, Chaolu Lab, Miko Sakabe, Naoshi Sawayanagi, The Dress & Co., Tiny Dinosaur & YU.

We loved & appreciated all the designers for their vision & convictions. So I will just highlight a couple.

Aptform by Michail Gkinis
The fusion of Greece & Japan creates a unique design aesthetic that is inspired by traditional design techniques. Simple & original design paired with refined sensibility. The marriage of materials such as ultra soft leather with wrinkled boiled wool. Each silhouette has purpose, but feels relaxed. Contemporary & comfortable simultaneously.

Tiny Dinosaur by Naomi Yamamoto
The focus was “shade” & “harmony” which can actually be seen in the clothing, aiming to create a sort of chemistry between the clothes & the wearer. Naomi Yamamoto mixes a complex blend of “contradiction” or “crash” between elements & pieces to highlight the contrast while complimenting the over all design.

This experience of this event has put Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo on my list, and I look forward to attending in the near future. #NYFW #JFW

TRIAS Fall Winter 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ~ Trias Fall Winter 2010

The collection is based on pleats & overlapping the feminine form elegantly.
Vertical Strength is born in the strictest meaning as a pure definition… absolute straightness, gathering strength in it’s movement. A definite contrast to the previous collection based on Conical Forms. I actually feel this collection will be more flattering & wearable this fall & winter. I also really loved the hand knitted ombre tights in brown & grey shades. They would add interest to any classic look you may already own. If you remember last season, I said the shoes painfully stole the show. This season, the stiletto sandals were secondary, practical & supportive to the looks walking down the runway.

Take a peak...


Toni Francesca Fall Winter 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ~ Tony Francesc Fall Winter 2010

The Catalan (Andorra) designer has been working in fashion for more that twenty years & his collections had traveled around the world. Delicacy, elegance, originality and functionality are some of the adjectives that best describe his creations. His creation of "Artificial Intelligence" in architectural silhouettes. Soft shades of gray, chocolates, with mauve undertones & of course black. Lots of shoulder play; may not be the most flattering on the female form, but it sure does make a statement of confidence.

Take a peak...


Tibi Fall Winter 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ~ Tibi Fall Winter 2010

Amy Smilovic’s Spring Summer ’10 Collection was light, colorful & youthful; Fall Winter ’10 is sophisticated with the appeal of opposites- masculine meets feminine. Draping paired with structure; rich neutrals & contrasting brights.
Contrasting fabrics include artillery suede, viola chiffon, nubby wool & wool jersey to name a few. I feel that the collection is about experimenting with separates & pairing them with items you would not “normally” consider putting together. Such as a chiffon dress with a long-sleeved tee. So grab a glass of wine open up your closet, start experimenting… you may discover your next signature look.

Take a peak...


Thuy Fall Winter '10

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ~ Thuy Fall Winter 2010

Thuy has take the mix of casual chic & understated romantic sophistication of her Spring Summer ’10 collection up a notch. Focusing on romanticized opulent fabrics in vibrant jewel tones. Shimmering "croc" embossing, reflective details & color effects. Chunky embellishments with fine crystal-infused (Swarovski Elements- Crystallized™) fabrics.

Exaggerated animal prints are sticking around, with fur or “fur like” trimmings. Thuy seemed to be enamored with “Fox tails.” Draping has moved from the hip to the front.
While it may have mannequin appeal, it may pronounce your tummy.

Take a peak...


Vivienne Tam Fall Winter 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ~ Vivienne Tam Fall Winter 2010

Guest Contributor: Heather Wilson of Makeup by Heather Wilson

It was a packed house at the Vivienne Tam showroom tonight! The “Chinese Zodiac” inspired line was filled with overtones of ruffles, fur, sequins & lots of layers. It was beautiful to see the way that seaming was done to make the jackets look like they had satin monkey hair flowing off the bottom.

Her use of multi-colored gathered appliqués made the stylists swear the skirt on the black belted dress was made with multitudes of flowing sequins; when there wasn't a single glitter in the dress! Who says that you can’t wear animal prints, sequins & printed tights? She paired snake print sequins with an animal print blouse, balanced with the patterned tights… absolute eye candy! My absolute favorite of the night was the chic crème tiger slashed coat! If anyone wants to get it for me… I will forward you my shipping address!

Makeup Artist Charlotte Willer, with Maybelline Cosmetics, informed me that the look of the night was the bold bright red lips. Color Sensational Lip Liner "Red #50" for the lip to stay bright & not bleed or wear off! The clean fresh glowing skin was achieved with Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Liquid Foundation and Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer. Brows were evenly defined & smear free with Maybelline Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil. The only product used on the eye area was Eye Studio Color Plush Quad & Beige Shimmer point on the inside corner of the eye. They finished off this fabulous clean look with a perfectly high & tight ponytail! #NYFW

Nicole Miller Fall Winter 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ~ Nicole Miller Fall Winter 2010

Nicole Miller use of subdued colors with confident textural tonal layering is wonderful. Deep hues of midnight, brick, central park (that is deep green if you were wondering) & asphalt play into literal mindset of the “City Landscape.”

The layering of various textures allows for creativity of the “silent patterns” with a look of complexity.

The asymmetrical lines are so flattering on most figures & the textural layering is forgiving for others. Put these silhouettes on your shopping list.

This Girl definitely has a Tougher Edge; Nicole Miller has conquered the Urban Jungle at #NYFW

Fashion in Mourning

Lee Alexander McQueen.,. who would later find fame as fashion visionary was born on 17 March 1969 in London. Surprisingly, the boy destined to be a True Master in high couture and style was fathered by a polyester clad London cabbie. By the time he was sixteen, McQueen had decided to devote himself entirely to fashion. He dropped out of school and took an apprenticeship at the Savile Row tailors ‘Anderson and Shepherd’. This experience gave him the opportunity to sharpen his technical clothes making skills and tailoring, skills for which he is famed today. Top British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, dressed stars from Sarah Jessica Parker to Rihanna to Nicole Kidman in bold shapes and colors, was found dead in his home on Green Street, in London today.

I, like thousands others in the TWITTER world, followed @McQueenWorld & hung on every word he TWEETED. He let us know when he suffered the loss of his mother on February 2nd, 2010. A loss I cannot imagine & hopefully will not have to experience a long while yet.

I have not met this man, I now know that the surreal possibility of meeting Alexander McQueen will never happen. …

Lee Alexander McQueen
Peace be with you
February 11, 2010

Celebrate "Everyday" Women with Heart

Physician Laser Centers launches signature nonprofit program, PLC SkinCares™ by inviting "Valley of the Sun" residents to nominate a special woman in their life who is making a difference in the lives of others.

Fresh Start Women's Foundation
, a Phoenix Metro nonprofit, committed to helping women help themselves, has partnered with Physician Laser Centers to provide women in-need with no-cost access to aesthetic skin care services.

As part of the program’s launch, Physician Laser Centers is inviting Valley residents to visit Physicians Laser Centers to nominate a women they love that puts others before herself & who is deserving a makeover that will refine and refresh her appearance. The 500 word nomination must be submitted online & received by February 12th, 2010. The winner will be announced on Valentines Day, February 14th.

The PLC SkinCares™ program aims to help women improve confidence by addressing visible skin issues that are often left untreated when people are facing adversity or financial hardship. For Co-Owner of Physician Laser Centers, Dr. Jazayeri, "witnessing the transformation as patients become more and more confident and happy with their outer appearance during the course of treatment is truly the most rewarding part of our practice."

This is an AWESOME partnership of ACTION, we all know that confidence is so important to creating success in our jobs & personal lives; nominate a deserving women who needs an infusion of confidence.

What are you packing?

As I prepared for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, I discovered this packing strategy. Now it is Spring Break, and I want to share it with you again.

We have to be smart as to not over or under pack. Plan each day in advance & that depends on the weather of your destination. This will help you decide how many pieces of clothing to take. Too much and you will regret carrying everything, and the airlines will help themselves to YOUR precious spending money. Too little & you will have to spend extra money. It is is a balancing act for sure.

Let's make this fun...lay them out as if you were playing tic-tac-toe.

Select 9 pieces of clothing consisting of:

1 blazer & 1 jacket

1 sweater, 1 t-shirt & 1 cotton shirting (Guys a button down)

1 cami or tank top (Guys a Polo)

1 trouser, 1 jean & 1 skirt (Guys shorts or khakis)

How many outfits can you make with just these 9 pieces? Go ahead... take your time... I'll wait.

I know there are a possibility of 20 outfits... 14 are shown below.

Other useful packing tips:

  • If you have limited space, do not roll your shirts, pants, etc. Instead, fold your shirts into squares & stack them. In the space you could fit about 3-4 rolled t-shirts, you could fit 5-6 stacked shirts, of course this all depends on your luggage size.
  • Stuff your socks inside your shoes if there is no other room for them.
  • Pack fragile items in the center of your case. This way, they are less likely to be broken. If it is a favorite bottle of perfume or cologne, by all means, seal it in a Ziploc baggie; that way if it does get broken your clothes will not be saturated in Chanel No.5 or Gucci Pour Homme.
  • Put dress shirts on top so that you may remove them promptly for hanging or ironing.
  • Put shoes in felt shoe bags so clothes don’t get soiled from the soles of your shoes

If you have additional related tips you would like to share, please comment... Spring Break is just around the corner.

Happy Traveling!!!