Let Your Imagination Reunite you...

Today I was reunited with a friend of the past. We used to work retail & get into trouble together in Kansas City, the Country Club Plaza to be more specific. All the memories rushed right back into place as if it was yesterday.

In finding more about her current life... Jackie, is living in LA with her husband; and she is The Style Coach. Like me, she believes with a little effort, inspiration & guidance everyone should be able to open their closet & dress themselves with style & confidence. I could probably guess that there are many of us who have a few pairs of trousers, suits, shirts & as Jackie discovered sweaters that we have not been able to bring ourselves to toss or donate. As she noted it could be "because it holds sentimental value or is your favorite color..." read more I have held onto items because of pattern or the quality of the item is still evident; but the silhouette is out of style.

I have made it a practice, as of recent, to have those items tailored, so they actually fit this 2nd chance. I have even taken a couple of trousers to be turned into vests. My tailor laughed the first time, but after we had the first fitting, she was excited for the creative challenge. HINT: throw the pant legs over your shoulder... see... a vest. I even left the zipper in place to connect the front of the vest. The pockets are in perfect position & the belt loops allow me to add a belt to my ensemble if I desire.

Jackie discovered, through Rachel Zoe, "Reknit" you can send them your sweater; Reknit magically turns it into a scarf, shrug, wrap or leggings for that matter.

So look in the back of your closet, rediscover those items... let your imagination reunite you.

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