What Shape are You In?

So many of you have asked about dressing for your shape. I have posted the basics below; please ask me more questions... there are so many helpful hints that I would love to share with you.

The Pear
You typically have a long slender neck, narrow shoulders & small to medium bust. You will also have a defined waist, curvy hips & backside with full thighs and calves. The objective is to bring the eyes to your face, create the appearance of wider shoulders & bigger bust. Blouses, fitted or skimming with texture, detail or print with light or bright colors; scooped, draped, V'd, round or squared neckline are SUPER. A-line, flared leg denim or trousers in darker hues equals slimmer hip & bottom. AVOID: Jackets & tops that finish at the widest part of your hip. No pockets on the rear or flashy belts, they draw attention.

The Apple

You may have a fuller face & neck, broad shoulders and fuller bust. Also, a more undefined waist, narrow hips, a flat rear but shapely legs. You want to lengthen your torso, create the appearance of slimmer shoulders & waist; draw attention to your best attributes... a more confident you. Wrapped & fitted tops with v-neckline are ideal. Darker, solid camis or tanks with a jacket & belt or blazer are super. Your shorter, a-line skirt can be bold & printed. Flat front denim & trousers, light or faded washes with back pocket flaps create shape. AVOID: Baggy or puffy tops (including shoulder pads) & bottoms that are too tight.

The Hourglass
You generally have symmetrical shoulders and hips. Full, shapely bust & defined waist.You want to draw attention to your waist & accentuate those feminine curves without adding size to your hips or shoulders. Wrap tops do this really well. A scooped or V neckline lengthen the body too. Most colors & small patterns look fantastic. A well cut jacket or blazer goes a long way. Denim & trousers slightly flared will balance the hips. Mid to low rise waistline depending on your tummy. AVOID: Baggy or shapeless lines, makes you look frumpy. Short skirts, chop you up & will make you look short; we want you to stand tall.

The Rectangle
Your figure is straight up & down, full neck and broad back. Average bust, undefined waist, with great legs & arms... very athletic. Highlight your great legs & thigh by creating the appearance of a curvier waist & bottom. Spaghetti strap, wrap around, V or scooped necklines emphasize your bust. Jacket & blazers that cinch at the waist create instant hip. Most colors & small prints look swell. Denim that hugs & lifts your bottom is a great trick. Small back pockets spread apart, on your denim & trousers, makes your bottom look fuller. Mid to low rise, depending on your tummy may be ideal. Pencil to flared skirts are great. AVOID: Vertical patterns & clinging, fitted tops.

Have you decided which one you are? Well no matter which one you think you may be, the key to them all is BALANCE and... a well fitted bra with good support is a must.

  1. Comment by Vinda Sonata on February 5, 2010 at 10:26 AM  

    mine's the rectangle type ;) thanks for the tips-very acknowledging. i'll get some more pretty belts to cinch and define my waist!