Photoshoot for Haiti



a. 15 minutes with a makeup artist
b. 15 minutes with a hairstylists
c. 15 minutes with a photographer
d. 5 low-resolution images e-mailed to you (perfect for updating online profiles, professiosal portrait or family photo
e. you can purchase prints and high-resolution images directly from the photographer.

Saturday, January 30th, 2010 at Inspirador in Chandler MAP
Sunday, January 31st, 2010 at Renaissance Glendale Hotel in Glendale MAP

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Photographers at the SATURDAY’S event:
Photographers at the SUNDAY’S event:
Makeup Artists at the SATURDAY’S event:
Makeup Artists at the SUNDAY’S event:
Hairstylists at the SATURDAY’S event:
  • Ruca Haute
Hairstylists at the SUNDAY’S event:
  • Damian Gomes
  • Jessica Lawson
  • Janelle Hilss-Weissman
  • Jennie Jackson
  • Stephanie Franklin

Vendors at the SATURDAY’S event:

Vendors at the SUNDAY’S event:

Donations for Online Auction:

Ventola Photography Inspired

What Shape are You In?

So many of you have asked about dressing for your shape. I have posted the basics below; please ask me more questions... there are so many helpful hints that I would love to share with you.

The Pear
You typically have a long slender neck, narrow shoulders & small to medium bust. You will also have a defined waist, curvy hips & backside with full thighs and calves. The objective is to bring the eyes to your face, create the appearance of wider shoulders & bigger bust. Blouses, fitted or skimming with texture, detail or print with light or bright colors; scooped, draped, V'd, round or squared neckline are SUPER. A-line, flared leg denim or trousers in darker hues equals slimmer hip & bottom. AVOID: Jackets & tops that finish at the widest part of your hip. No pockets on the rear or flashy belts, they draw attention.

The Apple

You may have a fuller face & neck, broad shoulders and fuller bust. Also, a more undefined waist, narrow hips, a flat rear but shapely legs. You want to lengthen your torso, create the appearance of slimmer shoulders & waist; draw attention to your best attributes... a more confident you. Wrapped & fitted tops with v-neckline are ideal. Darker, solid camis or tanks with a jacket & belt or blazer are super. Your shorter, a-line skirt can be bold & printed. Flat front denim & trousers, light or faded washes with back pocket flaps create shape. AVOID: Baggy or puffy tops (including shoulder pads) & bottoms that are too tight.

The Hourglass
You generally have symmetrical shoulders and hips. Full, shapely bust & defined waist.You want to draw attention to your waist & accentuate those feminine curves without adding size to your hips or shoulders. Wrap tops do this really well. A scooped or V neckline lengthen the body too. Most colors & small patterns look fantastic. A well cut jacket or blazer goes a long way. Denim & trousers slightly flared will balance the hips. Mid to low rise waistline depending on your tummy. AVOID: Baggy or shapeless lines, makes you look frumpy. Short skirts, chop you up & will make you look short; we want you to stand tall.

The Rectangle
Your figure is straight up & down, full neck and broad back. Average bust, undefined waist, with great legs & arms... very athletic. Highlight your great legs & thigh by creating the appearance of a curvier waist & bottom. Spaghetti strap, wrap around, V or scooped necklines emphasize your bust. Jacket & blazers that cinch at the waist create instant hip. Most colors & small prints look swell. Denim that hugs & lifts your bottom is a great trick. Small back pockets spread apart, on your denim & trousers, makes your bottom look fuller. Mid to low rise, depending on your tummy may be ideal. Pencil to flared skirts are great. AVOID: Vertical patterns & clinging, fitted tops.

Have you decided which one you are? Well no matter which one you think you may be, the key to them all is BALANCE and... a well fitted bra with good support is a must.

Let Your Imagination Reunite you...

Today I was reunited with a friend of the past. We used to work retail & get into trouble together in Kansas City, the Country Club Plaza to be more specific. All the memories rushed right back into place as if it was yesterday.

In finding more about her current life... Jackie, is living in LA with her husband; and she is The Style Coach. Like me, she believes with a little effort, inspiration & guidance everyone should be able to open their closet & dress themselves with style & confidence. I could probably guess that there are many of us who have a few pairs of trousers, suits, shirts & as Jackie discovered sweaters that we have not been able to bring ourselves to toss or donate. As she noted it could be "because it holds sentimental value or is your favorite color..." read more I have held onto items because of pattern or the quality of the item is still evident; but the silhouette is out of style.

I have made it a practice, as of recent, to have those items tailored, so they actually fit this 2nd chance. I have even taken a couple of trousers to be turned into vests. My tailor laughed the first time, but after we had the first fitting, she was excited for the creative challenge. HINT: throw the pant legs over your shoulder... see... a vest. I even left the zipper in place to connect the front of the vest. The pockets are in perfect position & the belt loops allow me to add a belt to my ensemble if I desire.

Jackie discovered, through Rachel Zoe, "Reknit" you can send them your sweater; Reknit magically turns it into a scarf, shrug, wrap or leggings for that matter.

So look in the back of your closet, rediscover those items... let your imagination reunite you.

Imagine Spring

Well, Spring is just around the corner; for most in the "arctic" Midwest & East Coast it is not arriving fast enough.

Here is a inspiring glimmer of what the warming spring breezes will bring your direction.

Happy mod hues of the 70's, softened as if washed & line dried; with intense yellows, sunset violets, red & sky.

Powdered pastel shades, embraced by confident tones of khaki & chic creme.

Flashy acidic rinses, conjuring mouth watering tart smoothies, with hues of faded sidewalk cement.

Finally, party tints containing combustible red & deep violet, blended with neutral arid landscapes, including clay, beige & cactus.

So close your eyes to the ice laden electrical lines; imagine sitting under blossom filled trees, song birds carried by the warm spring breeze, as the sun gently kisses your face... before you know it spring will be here.

Another Letter to a Make Up Artist

Typically this would be an "Ask Robert" entry, but the following questions are about Makeup Artistry, so I thought we should refer an expert & friend Heather Wilson.

Betty Ann, of Stilletto Chick Sees the World asks "... did you see the photos of Nicole Kidman with the white of her under-make-up showing through? It made her look like she fell in the powdered sugar bag. Should we quit wearing white highlighter? If not, how do we avoid this?"

Heather writes:

Betty Ann,
What happened to Nicole Kidman on the red carpet, would not make the headlines if any of us made this mistake... but still!! None of us want to have this embarrassment happen to us!

It was rumored, that Nicole Kidman used the excuse, that her makeup artist did not blend her powder.

The only reason that I can come up with - is that the makeup artist- used a whiter powder and left it a little heavier while she finished Nicole's eyes (it is a MUA trick to do a heavy powder under the eye if you are touching up the eyeshadow, so any fallout from the shadows are easily wiped away with out having to redo the concealer and foundation.) She probably did a little heavier powder on her nose, she might tend to be oily as well. If Nicole was in a rush to get on the red carpet, it may have been an oversight to not wipe off the white powder.

I DO NOT think that we have to give up our white highlighting powders. The key to wearing any powder is to make sure it is a sheer, translucent powder & BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!!!

There are lots of translucent powders out there that go on very sheer. My preferences are the Make Up For Ever or Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder made especially for the under eye area, and it is best to use a large fan brush for the face & for under the eye area it is best to use an eye crease brush to do the final blending of the powder for you!!!

Hopefully this answers your questions.