Holiday shopping... for yourself?

It is that time of year, we are all out holiday shopping for family & close friends. Sometimes this becomes more labor intensive than we remember from the year before. So as a reward we like to treat ourselves to a little holiday magic too. But we are still being mindful of our pennies.

"Even when they're buying for themselves they are still looking out for value, and so they're still not spending as much as they used to," said Eric Beder, a retail analyst... read more.

Oh there are lots & LOTS of sales out there; even more so... we need to be careful. In this mad rush for saving a buck, we need to guard ourselves from buying "crap" that is poorly made or just does not look good on us. Be particular as you are fishing through that bargain bin.

Selecting "core value" pieces can feel good, bring a fresh look to your closet and be a wise investment.

In doubt? Call or text your shopping buddy and ask "do I really need this?" I do it for my friends & family all the time.

Happy Holidays!!