Hold on to your hats

Well the last day of 2009. It has been CRAZY. I turned 40, engaged in Facebook. Joined Twitter & started blogging. Lost my day job due to economy woes. Experienced my first LIVE Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, met all kinds of cool people. On the flight home from MBFW-NY; serious brainstorm, you will see the fruits of this new year. Had some amazing photo shoots & forged some amazing camaraderie & friendships. Plus, have continued working with Apparel Designer Joy Li, who I adore and can't wait for her to launch a men's line... maybe this year?

All I know is that I am grateful for the people (that's you) & events that have supported & ushered me to today. So hold on to your hats, 2010 is going to be a wild ride... full of surprises!!!

Here is to your LifeStyle in 2010... CHEERS!

  1. Comment by OpĂ© - Style Artist on December 31, 2009 at 10:45 AM  

    I hope it's your best ever...Happy 2010

  2. Comment by Sonja on January 4, 2010 at 10:28 PM  

    Happy birthday! Sorry to hear about the day job. But someone as talented as yourself will find something even better soon. :) Looking forward to seeing what you brainstormed!