Give the gift of...oxygen, flash of metal & mineral carbon?

Are you looking for something truly unique to give to the man in your life? There are so many ways we could go; but I will take the simplest route. How about a men’s fragrance? I DON'T mean CK One, Eternity or Drakkar Noir, I wore that to my Senior Prom… oh no, wait… I didn’t go to prom… oops, let’s repress that memory, yet again.

Let me suggest Commes des Garcon, “Anti-Fragrances.” Yes I said Anti-Fragrances. We are talking about unconventional notes to create strikingly modern scents. These everyday notes include oxygen, flash of metal, wash drying in the wind, mineral carbon, sand dunes, nail polish, cellulose, pure air of the high mountains, burnt rubber and flaming rock to name a few. These notes tell a real life story and should trigger memories of interest too.

These Basenotes reviewers wrote: “The scent of a walk through a musty old library. Feel the smoke in a Victorian home. You are taken on a journey and a story of the past is told. As the past fades the plot thickens, and you are surprised at the direction this scent takes you. Very interesting. At times beautiful. A sublime scent.”

“Love the opening! Smokey incense that takes me back to burning leaves as a child. A very light smoke mixed with pantry spices and vetiver.”

“The first time I tried this I can't emphasize enough how disappointed I was. A pleasant, bland, safe, dull "male" fragrance. I wrote it off completely. However, I recently decided to give it another try and I'm happy to report a completely different experience. What was bland before became lovely, smoky sweet, warm and spicy…”

These fragrances can be purchased at Barneys New York, Bloomingdale's & online (none of which provided samples or asked me to write this); I think the receiver or yourself, will be uniquely & surprisingly drawn to it.