Finding your fit... an adventure; Strutting in confidence... priceless.

Denim shorts for SS'10... NOT so ground breaking, but fits & lengths are in abundance. Take the time to find the right fit for YOU!

#1... your size fit is the most important, finding it can be an adventure. Do this when you have time & are not rushed. There are so many brands & each brand has loads of silhouettes or fits; you will find yours… be patient. If you are limited in time, you will get agitated & create an overall disappointing experience. I speak from experience, LOL.

BRAND: each brand fits different, all denim is hand assembled from 119 to 127 pieces (less for shorts). Once you find a fit you like you can try different brands, each brand of High Rise, Low Rise, Mid Rise, Skinny or Loose fit WILL vary. The denim should feel snug at first, but then relax as it conforms to your body.

RISE: referring to the length from the bottom of your crotch seam to the top of the waistband. Depending on your body shape, the rise that you select can work for or against you. Try a Low Rise on, if your pelvic area falls over the top “muffin top” then select a rise that is a little higher Sometimes just an inch can make a world of difference in keeping you all together.

SHORT LENGTH: There are, what feels like, an infinite amount of short lengths. Determine your comfort; this may included, how tone you legs are, blemishes or if they have seen the sun. Be realistic with yourself; the sales person won’t, they are not as invested in you. Bring your true friend or someone who will be brutally honest with you. Don’t be offended; this walk through the fire is a building experience.

POCKET: This is sometimes forgotten… until it is too late. Pocket placement, if it is placed to low, it could make you bottom look askew. The pocket should cover the lower ¾ of your rump. If you have a flatter be-hind, then a pocket with a flap may give the illusion of a fuller look. Try it. If you have a rounder “asset” already then avoid the pocket flap, it will only add bulk to your nice shape.

WASHES: Denim colors are abundant, select a variety... have fun.

DETAIL: Be cautious when purchasing trendy crystallized, riveted, sashed or painted denim; longevity from season to season will be shortened. So be selective, if they are not terribly expensive & you are ok with only getting 2 seasons out of them then OK. But you & your pocket book will need to determine this.

If you have taken the time to find the proper configuration then you will be able to strut in confidence. NEXT… sandals, heels or tennies?

  1. Comment by Anonymous on December 6, 2009 at 7:58 PM  

    And there is another upside to trying on so many pairs....its can count as your exercise for the day!