Roller Coaster line....

Yep you guessed it... I went to Bikram Yoga class. It was an amazing session. I went for me, not to balance on one foot or prove anything... even to myself; but to celebrate the first day of my new adventure.

Besides burning over 900 calories, I believe Bikram Yoga mirrors your life at that moment. As I have said before, there have been days that I have been agitated & then my Bikram was distracted and restless, leaving class feeling exhausted from the struggle.

This was not the case for this class, I felt light & reverent to the moment. The instructor stopped me on my way out... " Your form and muscle control have greatly improved in the year that you been coming. More importantly, I can see you manage & manipulate the energy to what & where you need it to be." If she only knew. Ha.

I am in line for a roller coaster ride called new Life Adventure (Orient Express, if you are from KC, circa 1980 Worlds of Fun). I am so excited & nervous in anticipation of this ride. Let alone the exhilaration of the actual ride.

With humility of my granted moments, I offer this question... if you don't feel those butterflies in the pit of your stomach... are you in line for a big enough ride?

Personally I love the Incredible Hulk Islands of Adventure ride... LOL