Are you proactive?

Many of you know I am a Wardrobe Stylist for Photographers & Magazines. I also offer Fashion & Style advise. On occasion, a young model &/or parent new to the industry ask for a little focus on this strange world. I find it fascinating how mysterious the modeling industry is. Here is what I offered to "Dad" about his 18 year old Son today. Remember this is just a excerpt of possible conversations that happen all over the world... not limited to modeling by any means.

After speaking with you today, I understand the frustration. As a Stylist on set, location or runway, I see the lack of education with the new models; which in my day used to come from the agencies you were signed with. That was their part of the investment in the client, the model. This statement is definitely generalized.

In looking at the website you have created for "Justin," I agree you have a super start; more than most. My professional opinion, is that "Justin" has a fantastic look, appears comfortable in front of the camera & we should see him in a Hugo Boss &/or Ralph Lauren ad campaign, print or otherwise when he gains experience... no question. So if these labels interest him, if not pick one that does, then study what the images & what the guys are doing. Tear them out of the magazines; tape them up by the mirror & practice. If you want it you need to study it, live it & breathe it. Read the LA Times, NY Times & WWD. Keep an eye on trends, follow the blogs. I use Bloglovin to select the blogs I want to read daily… it funnels them to one page for you to see.

If it is runway, then you should know about every event in the world. New York, Miami & Berlin are by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Paris & London are uploaded by the venue. There is literally a Fashion Week every week of the year some where. Watch the videos, study how they walk... then video yourself doing the walk.

So should he beef up? NO, lean & defined. Definitely improve the abs. The current pictures with his shirt open, leaves me wondering “…why is his shirt open?” With more ab definition, then I would get it. So when his definition improves replace those images with the new ones.

Image #3, the first head-shot, that is tilted a little, is really good. You can see into him, I think that is important. He can connect with the camera, therefore the viewer. I love the athletic shots; they say he is more than a face! Now concentrate on are variations of subject. He is selling, apparel, sunglasses, athletics, masculine beauty, a little seduction & (very important) vulnerability.

Heather Wilson & I discovered this Michael Maddox on Facebook. I am in no way endorsing him, however, he has 20 years of experience in the industry & may offer some very insightful direction. Also, I receive emails & texts for castings all day long. There are all sorts of casting agencies online.I have even received some great jobs on Be proactive, don't wait around for opportunities to appear. As always use CAUTION!!!

This is probably plenty for now. Please absorb and let me know when you are ready for the next round, we have only dusted the lens. Put yourself out there, stay in front of the agency. Show your growth & that you are reaching for the stars.



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