Selvage Denim

Selvage denim, is made on old-style shuttle looms (less than 1% of all denim in the world) rather than modern, projectile looms. This means during the fabric weaving process, the cross-thread goes back and forth as one continuous thread, rather than as individual threads for each cross weave. As a result, selvage denim has a nice clean edge.

Japanese selvage denim is the finest and most rare on the market. Some of the hottest brands out there are A.P.C. Denim, Somet Denim; Nudie Denim, woven in Japan, constructed in Italy and Naked & Famous, constructed in Canada. The Stronghold is woven and constructed in Los Angeles, CA.

Recommend care? I was told by my Personal Shopper at Barneys NY, to wait about a year before washing or dry cleaning, so they have time to conform & wear to your bodies unique attributes. So we could call these "Green." (LOL) I love having the comfort of denim and how clean & sophisticated selvage denim looks with jackets & blazers. So find some and check them out.