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Danial B. from Orlando, FL asks Robert "Here's my question of the day. Thanks for your help today and in advance. I'll be heading to New York city in early December. And I'll be attending some dinners that requires me to wear a jacket. What is the best color and style for NYC and for two dinners. Thanks."

OK, so here is the deal~ Jackets or sport coats are the most sensible investment when buying for a special event or classy dinner out in New York Or Orlando. The most modern classic colors are black & charcoal. Navy & camel brown are more conservative casual & less imaginative. In the charcoal I like a tonal stripe or plaid pattern. The black I like solid & clean. The 2 button jacket is still classic in styling, 3 & 4 button come & go.

While your looking at jackets, check out trousers... flat-front. I know pleated pants are perceived more comfortable, but less tailored looking & when you sit down you have a wad of fabric in your lap. Again, black, charcoal & midnight are my favorite; a lite weight wool material is wearable 9 months out of the year in most climates.

Pick up a tie here & there. Consider a paisley, or stripe by Etro, in deep rich tones like maroon, dusty grape or a festive gold for your winter evening.

Here is your shopping list: 1 jacket, 2 ties & 1 or 2 trousers; 1 white & 1 black button down shirt will do too. The above pictured items are suggestions, you can shop for these similar silhouettes anywhere from Men's Warehouse, Macy's, Nordstrom or Barneys NY.
You don't have to buy everything all at once or from the same place. Wherever you go, make sure they will tailor your trouser or jacket for you. It is worth the additional fees, because the whole point is for you to look put together, polished & confident.

  1. Comment by Anonymous on October 30, 2009 at 7:24 PM  

    Are you telling me it's not the weather to be wearing a wool peacoat, in hot & sticky Orlando, on Halloween night?