Ask Robert...

Erin D. from Kansas asks Robert "I have to go to a fancy auction/fund raiser dinner thing tonight and am wearing a black strapless dress (falls just under the knee). The event starts at 7:00, do I have to wear panty hose-tights??? I'm still tan from the vegas trip but don't want to be too casual or dressed inappropriately :) black or nude...I just have no idea what's expected! and you are the only fashion guru !!"

OK, here is the deal, if you were on the West Coast I would say bare tan legs are perfectly acceptable. Your in the Midwest so tights or hosiery is more proper. SO.... if your bare tan legs are flawless, no bruises or unsightly blemishes, not a second thought. But if you feel it would be more appropriate I would recommend a sheer black, smokey translucent color hose. Avoid designed or crystallized ones for this weekend... could appear to "costumee"... save that for the upcoming winter holiday events.

Bonus tips:

Wear a wrap or "Pashmina", not a coat if possible. It appears more elegant to hand off a wrap than a quilted snow coat. LOL

Accessories should be statement or vintage pieces. Nothing dainty. Don't over do it. Before you head out the door, look in the mirror & remove one piece (as practiced by Coco Chanel & myself) This shows you have discerning classic elegance, no matter what your frock is.

Have a fantastic time to night, your going to WOW them.

Thank you to Saks 5th Ave, Barneys NY & Nordstrom for the images above.