What "Hipsters" wear

The night before MBFW 2009 begins, I attended a super trendy opening at the SOHO Grande for Kenzo Minami.

The "hipsters"
included super chic to super trendy. Cocktail dresses to charmeuse silk blouse pants. The commonality was deep muted colors & fun. Its not the "Inaugural Ball" by any means. This type of event you can show your signature style. Really simple & sophisticated with a flashy bangle, super special heal (suede is the "it" fabric of choice) or shoe & belt for you gents. Even in this setting you can pull of the "rocker" look...jeans & t-shirt; but you better top it with confidence otherwise you could look like a sloth. So pull out the charcoal, black or eggplant garb and finish it with a zest of color, grab a cocktail, view the art & party on.