MONARCHY Spring|Summer 2010 offerings for Men & Women

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week MONARCHY Spring|Summer 2010 offerings for men & women, a nice change of pace for me.

For the Gents, conservative hues of blue, grey, teal, light caramel & chocolate. I was so excited about the use of cashmere blends in the men’s slim cut suites. Also loved the glen plaid sport coat, washed lambskin jackets, black gingham cotton military shirt & “decade distressed” denim. The cardigans were collegiate… not a fan. The skinny linen & silk scarves… enough of those already.

For you Ladies, Shades of white, teal, floral blue, navy & khaki. The description of metallic linens, jersey draped tops & asymmetrical draped leather jacket were of the more interesting. But the slashed white denim & “paper bag” shorts & long pants were a big disappointment.

For those of us who grew up in the 80’s, we called it "trash bagging” or “cinching.” The excess was bunched up around the top above the belt. Now the bottoms are made with the excess already puckered up. It looks like one is being squeezed out of the bottoms. I am "pursing my lips" right now. Don’t even get me started on the slashed white denim…ugh.

I was very excited to see this collection, but very concerned with the outcome. And at the perceived price point, REAL core value pieces, for women, are needed to balance out the trendy pieces. Just my thoughts... see for yourself, click on the images.