Making My Voice Heard

I volunteered for Fashion’s Night Out event, “Street Team” is what it is called. So I along with other volunteers went to designated locations in the city to hand out maps of all 800 participating retailers & boutiques.

As I start, my fear of being in front of people rushes me. My heart starts pounding, my mouth dries up. I can barely talk. I yell... more like whisper "…map for Fashion’s Night Out…hehehh.?!?!” Nobody looks or even acknowledges I am there. Then I took a deep breath, say it again. "Join us for Fashion's Night Out tomorrow night." NOTHING... NOBODY... OH THE REJECTION!

I actually wanted to quit. No one was looking, I could dump the maps and "high tail it" back to the apartment. Yes I actually thought it.

But I did not. I summoned my courage, dug way down deep where it was hiding, and yelled again "GET YOUR MAPS FOR FASHION'S NIGHT OUT... 800 PLACE TO BE & BE SEEN!!!" Flocks of people came at me clambering for one of those precious maps till I had none left. Well not that fast. But I kept at it, making my voice heard, wanting the people of New York to not miss out on the opportunity that they may need. What if they meet someone and find a better job, or the love of there life. It wasn't about clothes & stuff, it was about making a change, stepping out of their routine.

I think they could tell I believed it too. I was doing it.