The Green Report

With the big corporations publishing reports that show their companies in the RED, I wanted to issue a trend report that is in the GREEN. (Insert courtesy laugh here.)
Back in February I attended "The Train", one of New York's markets showing European samples, in this case for Fall|Winter, delivering now. The trend pop color was green, strong confident green... emerald, jade & chartreuse. Not a wimpy green... like moss or celedon.

In the October issue of Vogue Magazine, page 168... The Green Movement "... Jade is one of fall's most enviable stones (and shades) and among the best in baubles that we've seen this season, reports Robert Sullivan

So I wanted to let you in on the secret; if you already have it in your closet, bring it on out. If you are out shopping & see it... GET IT! You can even make your nails "Go Green" with Chanel Nail Polish #407 Jade. You will make your friends "green with envy." (Insert courtesy laugh here.) Here is something else... when everyone else is in full swing for those green shades... put the green away and "holla" at me for the next must have pop color.