Ask Robert...

Ask Robert...
Amy B. in Phoenix, AZ asked "...are cute, cheap accessories OK to buy?"

Here is the deal~
If you are 6... of course. Cute? Cheap? Why not spend a little more & purchase 1 or 2 pieces you can wear all the time... like a signature?

Why throw your money away on a cheap bracelet or necklace that will turn green or break, no matter how cute? (ok, ok...rhetorical) To collect in your drawer or a box; only to rattle around and disintegrate more.

Save up two or three additional paychecks, and procure a piece that makes a statement about you. Something you could wear with most everything; to work or play. By being selective of what you purchase & wear, you display a discerning elegance, no matter how much you did or did not spend.

Always be on the look out for extra special pieces that you can wear for those cocktail events or moments with that special someone. Don't forget to check out estate sales or vintage boutiques. Let me reiterate, is not how much you spend, it is how you spend it.

Again if you are the exceptional 6 year old reading this... tell your Mommy to enroll you in gifted classes immediately and to start saving for Yale or Harvard.