Sometimes it is what you don't wear

As a Fashion Stylist I spend many hours pulling apparel, shoes & accessories for photoshoots, runway events and/or simply dressing my clients, friends & family. You know who you are!

The philosophy that I style & live by is~

"it is not what or how much you wear, it is how you wear it"

While the image I have chosen, is extreme, it illustrates my point.

Create your own style... "Signature Style." Here are some simple "do not" tips, that will stick in your memory... like a bad song.

  • Red patent shoes are for 5 year-olds & hookers... think about it. Go ahead. Think about it. "Bing Bong" there it is. ~Thank you Carolyn Biesk, her philosophy of 65 years.
  • If you think your signature style is 173 bangles on one or both arms... it is not. What it is... annoying to everyone around you and shows a lack of simple creativity. Instead, highlight one piece that is special or has sentimental value. It show decisive elegance. I & Everyone Else around you, thank you!!
  • I cant believe I need to say this but... "slutty is not sexy", neither is a short shirt or low rise jeans exposing your "muffin top." Dress for your body type. Find things that lightly skim the body... not stretched so tightly you look like a strung up pork roast. Again, I & mostly Everyone Else, thank you!

That is enough for now. I am sure you noticed that I didn't tell you what to wear. ONLY YOU know your body & what you want to hide or feature. I am always glad to offer guidance to explore or perfect your Signature Style. Use the comment feature & inquire away!

In a few short days I will be attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York '09. I will also have the privilege of working behind the scenes during Fashion Night Out '09.

If I don't see you there, check back for the daily happenings.