Yoga Tips for Everyday Life

Let go and relax into it~
Some things in life do not necessarily require us to "bully" our way through. This evenings Bikram Yoga class was so hot & humid, I was having difficulty focusing. "Pushing" through may have agitated me even more. I had to let the heat go; let go of the air, it was suffocating. Just relax into it. I know that I use this daily, instead of getting all excited or upset about an uncontrollable event, I calm myself & give in, accepting it with grace. That is when solutions present themselves.

Look into the mirror and give yourself an approving smile
Do it, try it... you know you want to. Anytime, no mater your day or how you feel, steal a peak of your reflection and say quietly to yourself "... I am so proud of you." Do it, it will lift your spirit & your step.