The Doors (not the band)

My current full-time job has temporarily cut my hours considerably. We can call door #1 "Current Situation." If there is one door there most likely is two or three more. Door #2 we will call "Fulfilling Future." Door #3 is "Disparage or a Sense of Panic" & #4 is "Sitting Around Doing Nothing".

My early life experience ( I love that I can now say that with validity; don't you laugh when a 20 year old says " whole life" anyway back on track) has been when door #1 SLAMS shut I would waist weeks and weeks in and out of doors #3 & #4. I had a tendency to get lost in the "how did this happen?" and "what did I do wrong?" We ALL have been there right?

How did I snap out of it? My Mom said " ...what do I always tell you? You can do ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TOO!!" I have since learned to just move forward, not really waiting for another door or even window open, I would break them down and go right into my next "job or life experience."

This week is more of the same, but with a twist. Door#1 has not closed all the way & door #2 is already ajar. I am trying to actually not be too excited, but I am fantastically excited. I have never had two doors open at the same time, I actually may choose my timing. It feels like a gift. So my energy & prayers are focused on making the next move and not lingering to long in between the doors, because as everything, this moment is for only a season.

So whether the door is slammed or is starting to close, you can make the decision to focus your energy on door #2 unlocked or ajar. Avoid the drain of worrying about the past, what's done is done. Learn from it. Turn the handle of door #2 accept the new adventure that you are walking into, it feels way better than kicking & screaming.

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