Bikram Bits for Everyday Life

As many of you know or will soon learn, I hit the gym and practice Bikram Yoga on a regular basis. Occasionally the instructor will share simple statements of wisdom that resonates in my core and I feel the need to share.

In Bikram or any Yoga practice, the form of your practice is extremely important to receive the full benefit of the pose. The depth is not quite as import because it can deepen the longer you practice or vary depending on how your day has gone. Giving 100% in your form, will generate the confidence to endure to the end of your pose. Give your all in whatever you do; your daily tasks, work, life & play...100%.

Acknowledge the positives in your life. This gratitude will generate the energy you need to face the task at hand. Focusing on the negatives, situations or even people, can drain you so fast. Surround yourself with the positive; acknowledge it. Receive the recharge.

Practice these anywhere:

Need energy? Focus on your inhale. Listen as you take in full, deep breathes. Keep the focus, full, deep inhale. This will rally the energy for the task in front of you.

Need to relax? Focus on your exhale. Listen as you release your breath. Keep focus as you empty your lungs all the way. This will calm your nerves, your heart rate and your racing mind.

There you go, now your are doing Bikram Yoga minus all the "hot'n sweatiness."


Yoga Tips for Everyday Life

Let go and relax into it~
Some things in life do not necessarily require us to "bully" our way through. This evenings Bikram Yoga class was so hot & humid, I was having difficulty focusing. "Pushing" through may have agitated me even more. I had to let the heat go; let go of the air, it was suffocating. Just relax into it. I know that I use this daily, instead of getting all excited or upset about an uncontrollable event, I calm myself & give in, accepting it with grace. That is when solutions present themselves.

Look into the mirror and give yourself an approving smile
Do it, try it... you know you want to. Anytime, no mater your day or how you feel, steal a peak of your reflection and say quietly to yourself "... I am so proud of you." Do it, it will lift your spirit & your step.

The Doors (not the band)

My current full-time job has temporarily cut my hours considerably. We can call door #1 "Current Situation." If there is one door there most likely is two or three more. Door #2 we will call "Fulfilling Future." Door #3 is "Disparage or a Sense of Panic" & #4 is "Sitting Around Doing Nothing".

My early life experience ( I love that I can now say that with validity; don't you laugh when a 20 year old says " whole life" anyway back on track) has been when door #1 SLAMS shut I would waist weeks and weeks in and out of doors #3 & #4. I had a tendency to get lost in the "how did this happen?" and "what did I do wrong?" We ALL have been there right?

How did I snap out of it? My Mom said " ...what do I always tell you? You can do ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TOO!!" I have since learned to just move forward, not really waiting for another door or even window open, I would break them down and go right into my next "job or life experience."

This week is more of the same, but with a twist. Door#1 has not closed all the way & door #2 is already ajar. I am trying to actually not be too excited, but I am fantastically excited. I have never had two doors open at the same time, I actually may choose my timing. It feels like a gift. So my energy & prayers are focused on making the next move and not lingering to long in between the doors, because as everything, this moment is for only a season.

So whether the door is slammed or is starting to close, you can make the decision to focus your energy on door #2 unlocked or ajar. Avoid the drain of worrying about the past, what's done is done. Learn from it. Turn the handle of door #2 accept the new adventure that you are walking into, it feels way better than kicking & screaming.

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