make note of what YOU like

Please take a peak at what I think we will be seeing this Fall & Winter. This particular image is from LANVIN Fall '09 Ready To Wear. Don't be to hasty to skip because you think "I can't afford this stuff." Look at it for the silhouette, how it may accent your given curves. Look at the shades of velvety charcoal, shimmering caramel & sugared raspberries. Then make note of what YOU like and look for similar lines & colors at your favorite department store. How might you acquire a couple of new pieces and remix your current wardrobe. is an excellent resource to see what is coming for each season, without someone try to "snow" you into something that is not you. Don't let last years bedazzled, sculls, tattoo knock offs & daggers, that will show up yet AGAIN, sway you.

Here is to your lifestyle