Yoga Imitaing Life

My Life Today: I am in the middle of preparing for a photoshoot for an international airline calendar. I am used to having timelines & details early on for smooth sailing. This project is not the case, honestly frustrating. The coordinating agency is not passing on pertinent info (oh yeah there is a horse now), won't select a model until 3 days before the shoot & cut my budget today.

My Yoga Today: I decided to try a new yoga studio close to my office. I was excited because the class schedules worked better for my hectic timeline. While the practiced poses are the same, the teaching style was uneasily different. Example: I am used to the instructor, giving the pose instructions, calmly and encouraging along the way. Today's instructor was like listening to an announcer at the Kentucky Derby. I felt as if it was a competition. At one point I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack; the reason I take the class is to avoid those.

After sitting out one pose, I made the connection between my current project predicament & my yoga class. I realized I had been riding a nice plateau; used to how my yoga classes were; used to the ease of past photoshoots. I was becoming complacent. In the frustration I realized the I needed to decide to move forward. Not give in and quit whining about how it used to be. I am being challenged, asked to stretch outside my self imposed safety boundaries.

So what part of your life are you coasting through? Is it your job, your family or your workout? What part of your life is challenging you to mix it up? Will you choose to remain where you are comfortable?

I accept the challenge with my whole heart and all my might.

This is my LifeStyle,