Not Fighting the Flow Allowed for the Best Results

A couple of entries ago, I whined on about how difficult the latest project was & how my Bikram Yoga practice was more difficult than ever, well it was all worth it.

I continued forward, did not give up and broke through the atmospheric comfort zone and have reached the stars.

With this Japan Airlines shoot, over 2 million 2010 JAL Calendars will be printed and distributed to Travel Agents and Clients around the world.
We had a SUPER time with the Japanese Photographers, Art Director & the JAL Client. Even though the "look" changed last minute, we pulled off an 8 hour shoot in 3 hours. The location was so amazing, "simpler was the better." We made it down the mountain just as the rain clouds rolled in.

Not fighting the flow allowed for the best results.

The Space Shuttle

After identifying my life's challenges last night, I shared my thoughts with a friend this morning. In my conversation with Heather, she laughed "I know where you are. The Space Shuttle." I looked at my phone as if I was giving her a crazy look "What the heck?" Heather said "You are in the Space Shuttle blasting towards the Moon and starting to press the Earth's atmosphere. The Earth's gravity is trying to pull you back, almost feeling as if the Shuttle will tear apart. The thrust of the rocket engines finally pierce the nose of the Shuttle through the Earth's boundary. Space envelopes you... you have made it to the stars."

So remember when you aim for the Moon or even Mars, there will be outside challenges. Even your mind will try to hold you back, much like the gravity of the Earth. Don't give in... fight, break through the atmosphere and live among the stars, where your heart believes you to be.

Yoga class was better tonight, thank you.

Yoga Imitaing Life

My Life Today: I am in the middle of preparing for a photoshoot for an international airline calendar. I am used to having timelines & details early on for smooth sailing. This project is not the case, honestly frustrating. The coordinating agency is not passing on pertinent info (oh yeah there is a horse now), won't select a model until 3 days before the shoot & cut my budget today.

My Yoga Today: I decided to try a new yoga studio close to my office. I was excited because the class schedules worked better for my hectic timeline. While the practiced poses are the same, the teaching style was uneasily different. Example: I am used to the instructor, giving the pose instructions, calmly and encouraging along the way. Today's instructor was like listening to an announcer at the Kentucky Derby. I felt as if it was a competition. At one point I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack; the reason I take the class is to avoid those.

After sitting out one pose, I made the connection between my current project predicament & my yoga class. I realized I had been riding a nice plateau; used to how my yoga classes were; used to the ease of past photoshoots. I was becoming complacent. In the frustration I realized the I needed to decide to move forward. Not give in and quit whining about how it used to be. I am being challenged, asked to stretch outside my self imposed safety boundaries.

So what part of your life are you coasting through? Is it your job, your family or your workout? What part of your life is challenging you to mix it up? Will you choose to remain where you are comfortable?

I accept the challenge with my whole heart and all my might.

This is my LifeStyle,

Toot Our Own Horn for just a Minute

I styled this shoot with Danica Patrick the first week of January and it is finally out. She is shown in her traditional "Fire Suit" with all the advertisers that keep her on the track.

She is also featuring apparel & accessories by Joy Li

Please take time to visit the links, read her article & see what you need from Studio Joy Li to compliment your or slow.