Who is Joy Li

Designer Joy Li, a 25-year-veteran of the fashion industry, designed for some of the most recognized brands in the field, including Liz Claiborne, Wimbledon, Carole Little and Guess. Her entrĂ©e to the New York fashion industry began with a career as a fit model. Li’s experience provided an in-depth understanding of design and merchandising collections. Li’s passion to find balance in today’s hectic world is the inspiration behind the Joy Li collection. Her goal is to create looks that project inner strength, beauty and confidence to move through life each day with purpose. Vision Free Movement Clothing "feels good," moving with the body without pulling, tugging or restricting motion. Inspired Beauty Color and design proportions “look good,” creating flattering silhouettes in a color palate that emboldens the spirit. Timeless Design High-quality fabrics and timeless designs “make sense,” establishing value in clothing that suits lifestyle. Confidence Redefined Sophistication, form and functionality achieve lasting balance with the Joy Li collections and celebrate the multifaceted life of the modern woman. Individual pieces are beautifully designed to travel easily, for the woman going from the gym to the office or for the jetsetter who believes that Europe is possible with a single carry on. With a focus on active wear and lifestyle, Li emphasizes the importance of fabric content, weight, and durability. Luxurious European fabrics with streamlined shapes create flattering silhouettes and are offered in a palette of core colors: black, white and gray, with subtle accent shades – imparting a sense of elemental timelessness. Drawing creative inspiration from leading ladies who embraced their feminine strength, the collections exude confidence, embrace individuality and nurture a passion for life. Lifestyle Collections We are committed to create styles that empower women to lead life with confidence and balance of mind, body and spirit.

Go - Styles that travel. Where form follows function.

Lead - Styles that project the confident professional image.
Be - Styles that work for weekend and personal time.

You can shop her styles at Studio Joy Li in Scottsdale, AZ or online Studio Joy Li.