Preparing for Spring 2009

After returning from New York, thawing out, and seeing the future of retail hitting the Fall 2009 racks; a friend in Kansas City reminded me of the following simplicity:

"Used is New. Anything that is handed down through the family that's stunning and glitzy should be worn like new. In these difficult times, who can afford new; pull out the vintage and wear it as if it were new again! Old never goes out of style, just to the back of the closet or drawer until some future date when it's oh so cool all
over again."

So archive more recent statement pieces, and bring forward those special pieces that have not seen the light of day in sometime.

If you can buy new, be mindful of the following:

  • Is the silhouette classic ? ( sloppy or slutty has never been in)
  • Will the colors relate through several seasons?
  • Be aware of wild patterns (circus like), unless it is a one of a kind, it will be on sale shortly, even then just because it is on sale dose not mean one should own it.
As we prepare for Spring 2009, keep these simple truths in mind and you will be current with out breaking the bank.