I can't even fake a rack! But the Gucci boots, I'll wear!!

A friend of mine from high school, Class of '87, "emailed" me for advice. She was going on a date, a colleague from work. She had not been on a date in "years", and was very excited. "What shall I wear?!!"

The following are very important questions you need to consider when dressing for an occasion, no matter how low brow or high profile it is.
Where are you going? (In this case a gay bar... fancy (JK)
Weather? (Blazing hot in Arizona or a cool spring evening in Oklahoma)
Who is accompanying you?
(A first time date or long term date or you brother for that matter)
Are you being picked up or meeting there?
(This may clue you in on how casual the date is or isn't in some cases) There are a few other details you might ask yourself, but not in this episode.

Her Reply: "Um, temp in the 60s, going to hear live music at a gay bar.( I TOLD YOU) He's a teacher, so I know he's funny, has passed a finger print, and that we'll have to go Dutch! Ha!"

My Reply: "A gay bar...how romantic. Denim(dark wash), good heals or boots, blouse that shows a little cleavage, black leather jacket? Its a gay bar. If he doesn't get you titillated, the gay boys will flock to good shoes and a nice rack & amuse you."

Her Reply: "I can't even fake a rack! But the Gucci boots, I'll wear!! You're awesome!!"

The lesson here is no matter where you go, good shoes can make denim & a first date at a gay bar stylish.

Best of luck