Challenge your LifeStlye today...

I recently turned 40, the "Big 4-0"; yes I am 30+10 (my fave). No matter how you slice it, I have been on this earth for 40 years and 2 weeks. I have held many jobs, ranging from fast food, baker/cake decorator (twice), a discount store, many retail clothing companies & furniture wholesalers and more. You get the picture right? What have I learned? That my history is mainly comprised of work. Is yours the same? Think about it. What should we do?

Challenge our LifeStyle.
I am not challenging what we do for a living by any means in this economic climate, however, I am asking us to challenge ourselves on our personal life. We all have to work and do our time, some more than others ( including stay at home/single Moms & Dads, those our the toughest jobs, but more rewarding than a high power corporate position in some cases) Instead of dragging our tired butts home, making dinner and plopping in front of the TV, what is it that I/you REALLY want to do? What is your body, your spirit, telling you it wants to do? shh shh listen Do you want to run a marathon? Climb a mountain? Do yoga once a week or 30 days in a row? Simply walk around the block in your neighborhood a couple of times? Volunteer? Further your education? What is your inner most desires? Maybe you have a list... make that list audible with your friends, family or co-workers (a little accountability & encouragement never hurts) and meet your challenge head on with a BIG SMILE. We are not here for the single purpose of working, but LIVING. Take an additional day off or get a babysitter every so often. Create & live the LifeStyle you want. Challenge Ourselves & Live Well.

I am no Opera or Dr. Phil, but sincerely want us ALL to enjoy the precious personal time we have on this earth.

  1. Comment by Andrea on March 28, 2009 at 1:56 PM  

    I needed this while I am making HUGE changes in my life. Thank you darling!

  2. Comment by Anonymous on March 28, 2009 at 2:41 PM  

    Thank you for the gentle invitation to reflect on wars truly important. You're right, adding something weekly is a good step towards doing something that would be even better if we could do it daily, like yoga. While adding to my schedule is the last thing I want to do, it could also be the best thing for me and those around me.
    Kelli R