Challenge your LifeStlye today...

I recently turned 40, the "Big 4-0"; yes I am 30+10 (my fave). No matter how you slice it, I have been on this earth for 40 years and 2 weeks. I have held many jobs, ranging from fast food, baker/cake decorator (twice), a discount store, many retail clothing companies & furniture wholesalers and more. You get the picture right? What have I learned? That my history is mainly comprised of work. Is yours the same? Think about it. What should we do?

Challenge our LifeStyle.
I am not challenging what we do for a living by any means in this economic climate, however, I am asking us to challenge ourselves on our personal life. We all have to work and do our time, some more than others ( including stay at home/single Moms & Dads, those our the toughest jobs, but more rewarding than a high power corporate position in some cases) Instead of dragging our tired butts home, making dinner and plopping in front of the TV, what is it that I/you REALLY want to do? What is your body, your spirit, telling you it wants to do? shh shh listen Do you want to run a marathon? Climb a mountain? Do yoga once a week or 30 days in a row? Simply walk around the block in your neighborhood a couple of times? Volunteer? Further your education? What is your inner most desires? Maybe you have a list... make that list audible with your friends, family or co-workers (a little accountability & encouragement never hurts) and meet your challenge head on with a BIG SMILE. We are not here for the single purpose of working, but LIVING. Take an additional day off or get a babysitter every so often. Create & live the LifeStyle you want. Challenge Ourselves & Live Well.

I am no Opera or Dr. Phil, but sincerely want us ALL to enjoy the precious personal time we have on this earth.

I can't even fake a rack! But the Gucci boots, I'll wear!!

A friend of mine from high school, Class of '87, "emailed" me for advice. She was going on a date, a colleague from work. She had not been on a date in "years", and was very excited. "What shall I wear?!!"

The following are very important questions you need to consider when dressing for an occasion, no matter how low brow or high profile it is.
Where are you going? (In this case a gay bar... fancy (JK)
Weather? (Blazing hot in Arizona or a cool spring evening in Oklahoma)
Who is accompanying you?
(A first time date or long term date or you brother for that matter)
Are you being picked up or meeting there?
(This may clue you in on how casual the date is or isn't in some cases) There are a few other details you might ask yourself, but not in this episode.

Her Reply: "Um, temp in the 60s, going to hear live music at a gay bar.( I TOLD YOU) He's a teacher, so I know he's funny, has passed a finger print, and that we'll have to go Dutch! Ha!"

My Reply: "A gay romantic. Denim(dark wash), good heals or boots, blouse that shows a little cleavage, black leather jacket? Its a gay bar. If he doesn't get you titillated, the gay boys will flock to good shoes and a nice rack & amuse you."

Her Reply: "I can't even fake a rack! But the Gucci boots, I'll wear!! You're awesome!!"

The lesson here is no matter where you go, good shoes can make denim & a first date at a gay bar stylish.

Best of luck

Who is Joy Li

Designer Joy Li, a 25-year-veteran of the fashion industry, designed for some of the most recognized brands in the field, including Liz Claiborne, Wimbledon, Carole Little and Guess. Her entrĂ©e to the New York fashion industry began with a career as a fit model. Li’s experience provided an in-depth understanding of design and merchandising collections. Li’s passion to find balance in today’s hectic world is the inspiration behind the Joy Li collection. Her goal is to create looks that project inner strength, beauty and confidence to move through life each day with purpose. Vision Free Movement Clothing "feels good," moving with the body without pulling, tugging or restricting motion. Inspired Beauty Color and design proportions “look good,” creating flattering silhouettes in a color palate that emboldens the spirit. Timeless Design High-quality fabrics and timeless designs “make sense,” establishing value in clothing that suits lifestyle. Confidence Redefined Sophistication, form and functionality achieve lasting balance with the Joy Li collections and celebrate the multifaceted life of the modern woman. Individual pieces are beautifully designed to travel easily, for the woman going from the gym to the office or for the jetsetter who believes that Europe is possible with a single carry on. With a focus on active wear and lifestyle, Li emphasizes the importance of fabric content, weight, and durability. Luxurious European fabrics with streamlined shapes create flattering silhouettes and are offered in a palette of core colors: black, white and gray, with subtle accent shades – imparting a sense of elemental timelessness. Drawing creative inspiration from leading ladies who embraced their feminine strength, the collections exude confidence, embrace individuality and nurture a passion for life. Lifestyle Collections We are committed to create styles that empower women to lead life with confidence and balance of mind, body and spirit.

Go - Styles that travel. Where form follows function.

Lead - Styles that project the confident professional image.
Be - Styles that work for weekend and personal time.

You can shop her styles at Studio Joy Li in Scottsdale, AZ or online Studio Joy Li.

Preparing for Spring 2009

After returning from New York, thawing out, and seeing the future of retail hitting the Fall 2009 racks; a friend in Kansas City reminded me of the following simplicity:

"Used is New. Anything that is handed down through the family that's stunning and glitzy should be worn like new. In these difficult times, who can afford new; pull out the vintage and wear it as if it were new again! Old never goes out of style, just to the back of the closet or drawer until some future date when it's oh so cool all
over again."

So archive more recent statement pieces, and bring forward those special pieces that have not seen the light of day in sometime.

If you can buy new, be mindful of the following:

  • Is the silhouette classic ? ( sloppy or slutty has never been in)
  • Will the colors relate through several seasons?
  • Be aware of wild patterns (circus like), unless it is a one of a kind, it will be on sale shortly, even then just because it is on sale dose not mean one should own it.
As we prepare for Spring 2009, keep these simple truths in mind and you will be current with out breaking the bank.