What a Day!!

This was the first day of The Apparel Markets, there are many many...many. It certianly was more quiet than I expected, but overwhelming for sure. There are some BRILLIANT designers from Europe & the US.

Texture is the center of attention. Multiple layers, especialy with texture, creates intrest in the over all look, while distracting from ones problem areas. Be warry not to build out to much, causing a "frumpy" look & attitude.

Colors for Fall 2009 are scattered, but black, charcoal, dove gray,borduax, aubergine & rasin brown, become the neutral, core colors. So if its in the closet, bring it forward again & spice it up with a serillian blue or a warm pale yellow.

NO crystals (thank goodness) but more studding. Don't get carried away, just accent with it... A belt or boot.

Sunday is another day.