Not a Day of Rest

It is Sunday, typically a day of relaxation for me, but here in New York, not so much.

Designer, Joy Li & I hit the Markets hard in search of the hottest & sensable items for her loyal clientel. We are in search of good core value pieces.

It was grim. What is headed to the department store racks is more of the same, and will more than likely get marked down very quickly.

Finally identifing the items for her studio, I can tell you that black, charcoal, dove grey, maroon & brown are the colors to base your fall style on. Pop it with chartruse, kelly, or forest greens. Confident colors, nothing whimpy!! Same for you men!!

Then make it your own with a statement shoe or boot.

PS. -After watching the Awards, statement accessories, jewlery, is important. Slightly oversized & possibly vintage will rock your style statement.

Remember, you've got style!!