Not a Day of Rest

It is Sunday, typically a day of relaxation for me, but here in New York, not so much.

Designer, Joy Li & I hit the Markets hard in search of the hottest & sensable items for her loyal clientel. We are in search of good core value pieces.

It was grim. What is headed to the department store racks is more of the same, and will more than likely get marked down very quickly.

Finally identifing the items for her studio, I can tell you that black, charcoal, dove grey, maroon & brown are the colors to base your fall style on. Pop it with chartruse, kelly, or forest greens. Confident colors, nothing whimpy!! Same for you men!!

Then make it your own with a statement shoe or boot.

PS. -After watching the Awards, statement accessories, jewlery, is important. Slightly oversized & possibly vintage will rock your style statement.

Remember, you've got style!!

What a Day!!

This was the first day of The Apparel Markets, there are many many...many. It certianly was more quiet than I expected, but overwhelming for sure. There are some BRILLIANT designers from Europe & the US.

Texture is the center of attention. Multiple layers, especialy with texture, creates intrest in the over all look, while distracting from ones problem areas. Be warry not to build out to much, causing a "frumpy" look & attitude.

Colors for Fall 2009 are scattered, but black, charcoal, dove gray,borduax, aubergine & rasin brown, become the neutral, core colors. So if its in the closet, bring it forward again & spice it up with a serillian blue or a warm pale yellow.

NO crystals (thank goodness) but more studding. Don't get carried away, just accent with it... A belt or boot.

Sunday is another day.

Not a Skull & Crossbone in sight

My first outing after landing & getting settled in at the hotel in the Flower District, was FOOD.

Spice Market
W 13th ST & 9th Ave

1hour 20m turned into a 2 hour wait. The auromas kept us intrigued to hang in there.
Blended Aisian, Indian, Thai & Vietnemese.
The Ginger Margarita- YUMM! The Butternut Squash soup for instance had sunflower seeds floating on top of the velvetie goodness, blanketed in a whipped coconut cream. Warming & comforting, on a night that was -8 with wind chill.

Style was everywhere underneath the long wool coats. Funny not a Skull & crossbones or crystal tops, belts or hats... NONE! Refreshing to say the least. For the Gals, tall leathearboots & wrap dresses, from fall last year, that hit the knee, layered with a sophisticated legging, compimentary pattern or color(nice update). Guys where dressed up, pressed shirt (tucked in) denim or woolen slacks & a blazer. Every gemtleman should have at least one blazer in his closet.
Dressing for your destination is important, it shows thought & respect, not only for the palce of attendance, but for your date or company you keep.

My First Post

This is my first posting and I am truly excited about sharing my "Stylistic" views especially in this economic condition we have found ourselves in. You will find my approach less about fleeting trends or posh brands, but more about finding what is right for you, yourself, your home & your pocket book. Breaking the bank, can break your spirit. Don't get me wrong, I love Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo , Chanel & Valentino. They are BRILLIANT!!! However they do not nourish your soul on their own. I want to explore styling in a more "Wholelistic" approach.

Our journey begins in New York City.Tale end of Fashion Week 2009, whose frivolity has been over shadowed by a less than stimulating "Stimulus Package" and a myriad of chapter 11 & 13s.

The time will be spent at
Train, DNA & Coatier, showcasing hot, fresh European Designers. My job is to spot the important silhouettes, the emerging colors and details that are headed to the US.

Come lifestyle with me,
Robert Ballew