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Welcome to, a fashionable, not-so-serious Blogtique.™ As an online resource for both the fashion hopeful an style-savvy, Life Liberty Lux brings together personal style education, insider tips on great deals and steals happening at local retailers. Most importantly, Life Liberty Lux provides style advice from a source that won’t steer you wrong – me!

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How did it all start? For years, I’ve received dozens of emails, calls and texts from real men and women – just like you – looking for guidance on what to wear, where to shop, how to dress for their body type and more. Interestingly, what I learned was that helping people develop an understanding of personal style helped them feel more confident in a fun and meaningful way. So... to help share the knowledge and assist everyday people feel and look their best, I created!


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Robert Ballew is a wardrobe stylist best known for his ability to create, develop and reliably execute national and international print and runway projects. Robert’s love for architecture plays a critical role in his approach to wardrobe, resulting in a keen understanding of how to create silhouettes that compliment varying body types, unlocking confidence and style in models and private clients alike. For Robert, there’s no such thing as an “off the rack approach” and he enjoys helping those aspiring to be style savvy with personal advice via email and Twitter. You can “Ask Robert” anything at


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Clearly unique

In the late 1940s, post war DuPont introduced a new plastic technology called Lucite. The material was a of a higher quality than previous plastics. Noted designer such as Wilardy of New York created the most coveted Lucite purses. Manufactured from 1948 through 1967. Other collectible Lucite purses and cuffs from the same time period include Llewllyn, Gilli Originals, Patricia of Miami, Rialto and Maxim. Structured and shapely in many forms such as beehives, lanterns and hatboxes. Embellishments may include rhinestones, colored glass, pearls, confetti and shells.

I think these make amazing accoutrements to any wardrobe or occasion. Particularly spring and summer. Many designers, such as Alexis Bittar are including Lucite details in their accessories including, rings, cuffs and shoes. You could add a pop of color by lining the clear box with your favorite silk scarf. Glamorously tote one during a holiday or special gala, you may attract noteworthy attention fit for a star.

Lucite handbags and original accessories have held their value, and their beautiful designs will no doubt continue to appeal to anyone who appreciates these fabulously imaginative, clearly unique pieces.

The above pieces I photographed and learned so much about at Easterbelle's Emporium in Scottsdale, AZ. Thank you!!

Cherish the Rarity

Treasured designer Miriam Haskell was born in 1899, at the height of Art-Nouveau Vanguard; she was one of four children, and the daughter of small-town merchants in Albany, Indiana. Some 30 years later, Miriam Haskell would have tea with Coco Chanel while selecting the upcoming season’s beads at Madame Gripoix’s- the finest source in Paris. While Miriam would bring her young design artist, Frank Hess, Chanel was alone. They would talk. Share ideas. Trade fashion celeb secrets. They were among a new class: independent women who began their careers designing jewelry to complement high fashion clothing in an exclusive boutique.

Haskell's creations are still made entirely by hand. The value of a Miriam Haskell piece was, and still is, a reflection of this workmanship and meticulous detail. One piece may take as long as three days to create. Miriam Haskell was simple elegance. Her friends were ‘the’ New York and Hollywood glitterati. She opened her first boutique in 1926, Le Bijou de l'Heure. She created collections for the society women of her day, the lavish productions of Flo Ziegfeld, as well as the couture of Coco Chanel. Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, the Duchess of Windsor, were among her greatest patrons.

Vintage jewelry remains a cherished trend that compliments style, grace and shows appreciation for uniqueness and rarity. You can never go wrong.

Flipping Fantastic Find

Summer is upon us and it is time to refresh our existing wardrobe with a whimsical but practical treat. Check out Flipped Bird. I stumbled upon this fantastic summer find at La Grande Orange Grocery.

Recently featured in AZ Magazine, Flipped Bird reversible bags were created for those who have their own unique perspective and style. Their eco-friendly reversible bags, floppy hats, headbands and yoga or beach bags are fantastically funky and chipper.

With great attention to detail, each piece is made in Phoenix, AZ. Handpicked unique, fun, durable and eco-friendly fabrics for limited production so your purchase will be special and allow you to reflect your personal style that can be changed up with a quick flip. I am a fan of this easy-fun style and suggest you become one too.